Monday, April 20, 2009

Headaches.....Pain pain go away!

This morning was gray and rainy. I thought of what my sister and I would say looking out the picture window on a rainy day.

Rain rain go away, come back some other day. We want to go out an play. Rain rain go away.

The rain did not go away this morning and set the tone so that Today is one of those days. My headache today was purely due to stress. Our front desk person was by himself and when he was an hour behind checking patients in I go out to help him to find that one of the computer at the front desk was taken away! Part of the move to the new location this week. Since he was on the only computer at the front desk we, WC and me, had to then do the following go out into the waiting room, pick a name off the list, take them in the back to an office space and then check them in, bring them back to the waiting room so the nurse could then call the patient!

After an hour of doing this my head was pounding because the waiting room was packed full with crying, laughing, screaming kids. Parents giving kids snacks to keep them quiet ( this is a very ineffective method in a crowded waiting room ), telling them to play nice and warning them if they did that one more time no McDonald's! The room was warmer than usual and filled with the smells of cheese slices to someone cutting the cheese. ( Johnnie say excuse me. She just laughs as she does it again.)

Misplaced Doctors wandering in the clinic because their office were now in Larry ville and they were in Kids land. Office workers wondering how they were to pack up the whole clinic and clinic office in 2 days and unpack it all in one day and then deal with a full clinic with 3 doctors on Monday. Everyone one is on edge and 3 of us have headaches.

Then I think about Betty in her new job that she just loves! Headache pounds again.

Pain pain go away, never come back this way. I want to smile and enjoy the day Pain pain go away.

This too was unsuccessful!

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Betty Rubble said...

Don't be a hater...I told you we're still hiring...cheaper insurance...and better working conditions...but you won't come. Sigh.d