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I wipe clean my memory card

I took my camera to work on the day that we were moving. And of course when you move you alway find stuff that you dont want.

Well we found a flying roach. It was the biggest bug that I had ever seen personally. I took a picture of it and a picture of Jess who caught the thing and put it in a suction container.

I wanted to show this picture to all see but when I was trying to set up the timer on my camera to take a picture so I could include myself in it I wiped clean my memory card.

I really have to read more of the owners manual!

Today we were all moved in and the doctors ready to see patient. We only encountered a few problems like missing phones or if you had a phone and someone tried to call you extention it would ring in a totally different part of the hospital. Missing computers or computers not linked to the correct domain.

The exam room did not have baskets on the outside of the door for patient info so bins were place on the floor beside the door of the exam rooms for the doctors to get current patient information. Tacky!

Employees with attitude because of responsibility either being taken away from them or added to them without the effort of management taking time to explain what was going on.

Finally the answer that was given to every question that began with the question why?

"That is the way it is from this point forward"

I don't have a single picture of the mess the will soon smooth out to become normal life in larryville!


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