Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Attitude

My I will get to that later attitude needs to stop.

My next challenge is to get this paperwork in check at the house and get a lot cleaned up.  I am going to need to have Hubby by my side when I do that.   He still has a mentality that I will take care of it.  When things fall apart due to his not understanding what I mean or I don’t understand what he meant.  It can be a frustrating adventure at best, and a tedious one but we need to work together to get it done.   It was a habit of mine to keep a “to do list” for the day. 

Planning what needs to be accomplish for that day.  A former activity that was a diligent practice but for a while I have developed the I will get to it later attitude , the results is that it never gets done.

When there is a list of 20 or more things that needs to be done and I cannot count on the support of the hubby it enables the I will get to it later attitude.  Also if I get busy or engulfed in what I am doing, such as enjoying hanging out with my friend I get carried on the wave and enjoyment and I just ride the wave.  Once the wave has stop that is when I think about what I need to get done.  Usually I have run out of hours needed to get it done.  

This results in a longer list for the next day and no motivation to get it done.  Then I hear myself say “ I will get to that is a minute….. maybe 20 minutes……. 2 hours…….tomorrow."

Right Tomorrow never comes just as the saying goes.  Unfortunately when this happens I do not think it through,  it just does not come to mind.  Then I am overwhelmed with a lot of stuff that needs to be done but that does not get accomplished.

I have to start my day by looking at my to do list.  Set  items up in order of important  A very important B necessary, C and be delay  check them off as I complete them and then   end my day by creating a new  to do list.   

This will be a challenge for me but the additional challenge will be to get hubby involved in accomplishing the list and help with getting it accomplished.  You know it will help us both to know what is going on and how we can accomplish things together. 

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