Friday, March 28, 2008

Avon Recruiting

Yesterday was an good day. I contacted several people and set up appointments for Saturday! All of which seem to be good contacts. Hope fully on saturday I will have 3 new recruits added to the 2 I already have and that will be the 5 for the fast start.

Everything's slowly coming together for the avon party. I hope to have some good sales and get some people to book some parties. I have to figure out what I gift the hostess for having the party. The hostess will also get a percentage off of her purchases based on the total sales from the party.

At the party I will be having Iwill have a drawing to see who will get to be hostess of that party.

there will also be a little basket with Free money. Green slips of paper to look like money with denomations of .25 cents to 5.00 off. It will go like this any order of 10.00 Free money .25 to 1.75 off any order of 20.00 Free money 2.25 to 3.75 and any order of 30.00 etc...

any more ideas!

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