Wednesday, March 26, 2008

T M I !

Why do people think we care about their lives when all we want to do is make the stupid appointment. !

Here is an example.

Good morning, my child needs an appointment. He had an x-ray done because his pediatrician needs to find out if he had something in his nose. Well there were these polyps in his sinuses and his pediatrician told me to make an appointment with the specialist. When can we come in?( very cheerful voice )

What is the child name?

I would like the appointment in Oakland office. I know you have an office in wexford but if I could get an appointment on Tues 6/9 that would be great because my other child has an appoint that day in Oakland,

May I have the child name please?

Something in the afternoon.

I will be glad to set up the appointment may I have the child name please.

Oh yes the name is baby bear.

Ok thanks, Has the child been here before?

Oh yes he had to tonsils remove here the last name is spelled b-a-e-r.

Oh thanks last name b-a-e-r and baby is the first name b-a-b-y

No the first name is spelled b-a-y-b-e-e. (starting to sound annoyed)

Okay thanks. ……….This says he is 20 years old you need to make the appointment with the adult ent doctors this is pediatric ent.

Oh no! the little one name is little baer. Baybee is the one I already have an appointment, which is why I need little baer to be on the same day.

Oh so the last name is baer b-a- e –r and how is the first name spelled.

The first name is little , l-i-t-t-l-e, ( sounding annoyed )

Sorry. I have the spelling correct now. I can make the appointment on June 9 as you asked at 1:30 is that okay with you.

Yes that will be fine.
Call ends.

You do realize that in 5 minutes this same person is going to call back and drive me completely over the edge because she need the appoint on tuesday and tuesday is June 10!

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Two of Three said...

Ah come now they aren't all bad...oh hell who am I kidding...they are AWFUL!

I told the gift shop girls today...I like my job...its the parents I can't stand :)