Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No one should be made to feel this way!

Second Choice

Why am I always the
Second Choice
Why can’t the men
I like hear my voice
When time passes and
They choose another
All of a sudden I’m
Hearing from an
Unavailable brother

I’m tired of being
An option and not a choice
I’m tired of hearing about
What we coulda had
Making me uncomfortable
And feeling sad
Now I hear about your hopes and dreams
Of being with me
About how our love was
meant to be

Nope I don’t want to hear it
Cause I’ve never changed
Been that same great woman
Since you learned my name

So hear me loud and
Hear me clear
With all this second choice
Don’t even come near
If you can’t see what you had
From the start don’t come
Running now with a broken heart

I’m not listening and my decision
Will remain the same
Don’t include me in your
Second choice Game
My cousin wrote this. I posted it because I know how this feels and it is the worst mind game someone can play on the person they claim to love.
Life is unfair and cruel.

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