Friday, March 7, 2008

Second day at the gym

I have joined the gym, alright so now I just have to continue going with S 's help that should be easy.

I plan to go to the gym again on Sunday. I course it will not be easy. I will probably get there during the last hour that it is open.

I plan to pick up S and take her along she said she would come with. She usually does not go on Sunday.

Along as S is with me then she can show me how to use the equipment. I have to do cardio as well as work each muscle group each week. I have been watching Fit Tv.

I did enjoy today once again. I am off to a good start!

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Familyof2 said...

Oh gee, I don't know...with all that snow we got...holy white out batman...NOT. Call me before you come. Jacob is talking about a movie or something....