Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks for friends!

This is a thank you note to my friend for not giving up on me. Your persistance has gotten me to the gym today and I will be joining the gym.

I asked Todd if he wanted to join as well. He just looked at me and did not say a word. I told him I will be joining. This is the best way for me to get healthy and I am sure in time he will do the same.

However with my friends help I will not be disuaded. Usually I give in to what Todd wants to do and this is my fault and prevents me from achieveing my goal. However I am determined not allow this self defeating trait to continue.

I hope I set a good example for Todd and he will follow suit.

So Lets go to the gym on Friday. There is no afternoon clinic so I will be able to leave at 4:30. So what time do we go?

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Familyof2 said...

Ah, your going to make me cry.