Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nothing much to blog about.

I know that I have not had anything to say in a while. Most of what I write is just rambling anyway so I am trying to change that aspect of this blog.

Since I rarely express myself well when talking to people you can guess that is even more difficult writing down what I want to say.

Right now I listen more than I talk.

Everyone seems to have some problem that they need to talk about and I guess that my calm exterior says talk to me. I am amaze that they do not notice the blank look on my face. Maybe what I think is a blank look that should say “ I don’t care.” Is a look that say “ and what happen after that? “ Oh well it is what it is.

I have focus in on my exercise and eating habits. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been taking pictures of different wall art wherever I happen to be. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been sewing but recently broke my sewing needle. But I don’t blog about that.

I have been sketching new clothing designs. But I don’t blog about that.

I plan to get some St. John Wort because I maybe I am a little depressed. But I don’t blog about that.

Today is the first day in 4 days that I actually turn on my computer. When I get home from work the first thing I do is turn on the computer. But I didn’t do that for 4 days.

Perhaps tomorrow I will have something to blog about.

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Betty Rubble said...

You need to talk things out if you're feeling depressed. You have sisters, and friends that you don't talk too who would be more than willing to listen!

Keep that in mind.