Sunday, June 21, 2009

What to do?

I have consider shutting down this blog but as usual before giving up and I will give it one more try.

This will be the first of 30 days so see if i can blog for thirty day. Part of the problem is that I do not like to talk about me very much. I am a great listener and try to understand other problems and life situation and what they deal with but I never successfully share this information with other. So my blog suffers. I talk about work not really a major part of my life. I put in my hours and go home.

I talk about home but not extensively because I was taught home was like Vegas; what happens at home stays at home. I think Vegas got the slogan from my dad.

I have never been completely open with my thought feelings hopes and dreams. Even with my closest friend not completely. I have tried to think of the blog as an online journal and I used to write in my journal daily but even that did not get all my clearest thoughts. So what to do?

Should I blog about my lack of children and desire to have them. No really because I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have children myself so I will have to adopt. Hubby is not on board with that so I will just borrow other family children and live like a mother for short periods of time.

Should I blog about my place of employment and any endeavor to advance. I really don't care enough. Back when I was working for the bank and going to school and trying to get ahead that is when it was a major concern for my so i talked about it a lot and it would have been a perfect time to blog about that.

Should I blog about my attempt at creating a fall line of clothing. I think this might work but when I get involved in what I am doing creatively I really do not talk about it I just do it. Also once I get started I should not stop because It is nearly impossible for me to keep the drive going. I perfer the highway or turnpike driving when I am creating and sewing not the stop and go driving of the city. When I was single this was easy to do I coud just ignore everyone and concentrate on what I was creating until it was done. And everyone knew just leave her alone. Hubby not so much. So I have to devise a way to work everyday and still make time for others, especially hubby.

Should I blog about my determination to get rid of unhealthy aspects of my life. Should I blog about my search for....... I don't know. What to do? What to do?


Betty Rubble said...

I think you need to stop pigeon holing yourself. Talk about what ever you want to talk about. This is why facebook would be perfect for you. You have "friends" not followers--so no one cares if you update daily or not...and those entries can be as silly as "the sky is blue today and my job sucks"

or "I had the greatest sex of my life today"

or "I pricked my finger while sewing and it hurt"

You get the idea. If you sign up for it make sure you friend me!

Under my real name of course!

Annie said...

I think you should keep blogging. Your stories are real and you need to talk, even though you say you don't like sharing. Our parents have a lot to answer for - you can talk about home life - you can be sad, happy, worried, even depressed. I don't tend to write a lot on my blog, but rather put pictures that tell a story. Sometimes all I can muster is flowers and they speak a tale all of thier own. I'm giving you a hug from the other side of the world.