Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I was inspired by this blog SEW MUCH FABRIC, SEW LITTLE TIME.

She is using her fabric stash to create a basic wardrobe. I just love all the T’s and skirts that she has made, so I have decided to work on doing the same.

But first (no I am not putting it off) I have to finish this dress that is making me angry.

I had a wonderful tropical print fabric which would have been the perfect summer dress. I kept the fabric for several summers and did nothing with it.

I finally decided the make a dress; unfortunately it was not a summer dress. Well it is a summer dress but its not the perfect summer dress.

I have decided to go back to not making decision when I am on my cycle. (ironic, huh!) Granted when you have not had a cycle for two months the PMS that usually sounds the warning bell is not so loud.

Never make decision to cut your hair(I'm wearing a wig her name is Oprah) or use perfect summer fabric on a non summer dress.

So my project is to redo this dress and create the perfect summer dress or at least as close to a summer dress as I can get it.

I have to do something to the sleeves and it should fit closer to the body.

I could just put the zipper in the front of it and make it a cover-up for a swimsuit.

Although when I look at it in this picture it’s not so bad.


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Betty Rubble said...

I think its fine, but as you said needs to be taken in some. Maybe (an excuse my lack of terms) put a "ribbon" one under the boobs to give it some dimension? The arms are fine.

When are you gonna ask about Clomid for hte cycles?

Oprah huh? I liked Stella better...