Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just something else to be added to the list.

The list is not a list of projects that I am working on. The list is not a list of resolutions that I would make and never achieve. The list is trouble and more troubles.

Top of the list, My father in law is back in the hospital again. Same problem as before but not as serious at the first hospital stay. He was home for 3 days and just as Saturday was starting off to a relaxing day of running errand and making sure his dad was doing ok the phone rang. Todd took off to the hospital because this time the ambulance was called before Todd was called. To his relief the doctors told him it was not as bad as before but there is an active bleeder somewhere and they have to find it.

The endoscope did not show where the bleeder was but there was a big clot in the same place as before. The location of this clot was near the area where the stomach ends and the intestine start. I looked this up on the internet this area is call the pyloric canal. From what I read it could be cause by stomach cancer. My father in law did have stomach cancer but it was in full remission so maybe it came back but I would think the Doctors would be able to tell us that. I am going to mention it just the same.

Middle of the list, My husband’s new boss emailed him and asked him to come to the office during the day to have a meeting with him. Here is the thing; with everything that Todd is doing right now, going out of his way to meet with his boss was not going to be one of them. Someone in the office must have explained this to the new boss so the new boss made a special trip in to the office early so he could speak with Todd.

Todd explained that with his father declining health he has to be able to be close enough to get to him when he calls for his help. The dispatching job is 27 miles away it will take 40 minutes in good traffic to get to him. The bus driving job is 10 minutes away. The new boss just was not getting it. He offered Todd part time or just weekends but this was refused as well because it’s just too far away. Originally the office was located on the North Side of town but 2 years ago it was move to Sewickley and it has always been his fear that if something happen in the middle of the night while working that he would not get to his father in time.

Todd offered to train his replacement but on the 12th of February he would be done and gone.

So while my dear hubby was dealing with all of these things, life was not completely settled at my job in the scheduling room. One week a work associate was off sick the next week the other work associate was on vacation. So I did what I could to keep things running smoothly as I possibly could. Coming in early, being the last one to leave having lunch at my desk. This did not set well with my hubby and each time he complained I just told him “ I will get paid the overtime do not worry. “ Well I get paid on Friday and it should have 5.7 hours of OT on it. My wonderful employer gives us the capability to see our paystub before payday and my check was short! I had one day off to go for doctors appointments and they did not use my PTO. So my paycheck had a total of 77.7 hours for me instead of 85.7 hours.

I freak out because I just knew with all that my husband was dealing with the overtime would have been great. I also just knew he was going to blow a gasket when he found out that I did not receive the OT. My boss assured me that it will be the next paycheck but that does nothing for me right now.

What was Todd response when I explain what was going on with my paycheck? “ Just add that to the list. “ He said it so calmly that I had to ask what was he thinking. “ I just want to go home sit on the sofa and hold you in my arms until I fall asleep.”

So that is what we did and for right now forgetting about the list.

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Betty Rubble said...

Sometimes all you can do is just let it go...