Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not sure what to do.

Friday was the last day of work for my hubby. Today is sunday and he is never off on a sunday so he was not sure of what to do with his time.

He said lets go for a drive so I went along. After a while I noted the familar route he was taking. " Do you forget something in the office? "

"I just want to make sure the new guy is okay" Hump was my reply.

So we make it to the office and the new guy is doing fine because he is not alone, one of the daytime dispatcher was working with him. Once he determine that the guy was going to be ok we left.

He said. " I thought they were leaving him alone and I just wanted him to know that I will help out if needed." I just nodded my head and enjoyed the ride home.

When we got home. " What do you usually do on Sunday's"

" Clean."

" What do you clean?" I just looked at him. So he vaccumed the living room and hallway while I cleaned up the bathroom and gather the stuff for the wash.

" Now what do you do?" " Laundry"

He sat down with is lap top and started watching TV. Something that I would not watch so I am in the computer room.

We have to plan something for us to do next sunday. Sugesstions?

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Betty Rubble said...

He sounds like my dad when he was newly retired...he followed (and still follows) Mom around for something to do.