Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wasnt going to post this.

I was not going to post this but it has been on my mind for 3 days now and I have to purge.
Betty's blog hit the nail on the head.

A friend's daughter just had a baby. I went to the hospital to see the little bundle of joy and I was so happy that I did. She is the cutest little girl baby. I was holding her and wishing that she would open her eyes. But she wiggled and cried. She has the little pudgy nose, beautiful jet black straight hair. I counted all her fingers and just could picture her as little girl. I am looking forward to watching her grow up. She finally stopped crying and I just held her. While holding the baby I listen to the conversation around me.

" Is the father coming to see her or was he already here."

" Oh I don't know the father I had Artificial Insemination. I really wanted to have a baby for sometime but my girl friend never wanted any. So last year when we broke up I decided that I would have a baby. I wanted a really pretty child so I decided that my child should be part korean. You know like Kem*ra Simm*ns. I watch her show a lot and her children are beautiful that is what made me decide on the race of the donor. It really was very easy I could chose what ever race I wanted the child to be and it worked so easily. They help me determine when I was ovulating and I got pregnanet the first time."

I stay for a minute more and then left.

She talked like she was shopping for a baby and picked one up just like she would have picked up a designer purse.

My anxiety was for the little baby, I'm hoping and praying that once the novelty of being a mom wears off that the child is not ignored because she is no longer the style of the season.

In my heart I believe she will be a good mother especially if she follows her mother example. This little child will be well loved and cared for.

Her attitude bothered me a great deal. It still bothers me.

I have gone to welcome new babies into the worlk and most couples are just so thrilled to have been blessed to have a baby. The they way the speak about the child and the journey to have the child. This woman tells the story the same way someone tell about shopping for shoes!

Maybe it is just me. I will give it a week and I will go to her house to see the child again. I hope her appreciation for this precious gift grows.

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Betty Rubble said...

Going through the land of infertility that doesn't surprise me. We often hear of "designer babies" and with science and technology it is often like going to the store and picking out a pair of shoes...