Saturday, February 6, 2010

No going anywhere today.

Because of all the snow every where and the county is in a state of emergency we stayed home. I had tickets for In the Heights but the afternoon performance was cancelled. So we will have to catch it later while it is still in the city.

My little niece has changed the name of her line or I got it wrong to begin with. It is Unnaturally Cool. She has and image of a rose which grows naturally in an unnatural color which makes it cool. The rose is green with pink dots and the stem is red. So I am working on creating this image for use in her clothing line. I will create some fabric print and get it printed at spoon flower it can be used as lining in some jackets, purses, hats and other times it can be the actually fabric print.

Her designs are for the fall season so we have all summer to create these 10 looks. As soon as the weather breaks we will get a better scheduled done as we can work together each week until it all done. I have her doing some research in fashion magazine to see if we can determine what the trend colors will be in the fall of 2010

In the meantime I have taken the time to reorganize or restash my fabric. As you can see I will not be going anywhere for a while.

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Betty Rubble said...

I'm so anxious to get out today...even if its just over to the pharmacy!