Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting back to work.

Sunday I get back to my sewing projects. I have been stuck in neutral since before the holidays so I have set a date to get out of this slump. Sunday February 21, 2010. I will prep my stuff in the morning. Go to my religious services that afternoon after that participating in hospitality by assisting with the lunch/dinner for the visiting elder that will be doing the public address. Then sewing!

My little designer has drawn 5 different outfits and we will have to get started searching for fabrics. I will be taking her with me to the Salvation Army Fabric Fair this year it is the best way for her to find all the fabric that she wants for her designs and I will be able to afford to purchase them for her. She is a smart little girl all her clothing will be for September, return to school, so the fashion show can happen sometime in the summer. This gives us lots at time but if we do not plan correctly we will be going frantic when the time comes.

Tomorrow I am going to meet Betty for dinner at Joe’s and girl talk. Since she moved away it feels like forever since I have seen her. I know it’s really not that long we got to talk a little during her sister’s baby shower. I am really looking forward to our getting together. I am hoping and praying that the snow storm they are expecting does not decided to start early. I hope the temperature stays about 40 so all we get is rain.

Of course that means I have to get all the stuff in the garage in cardboard boxes off the floor because water will be seeping in. It has already started to happen. Sunday that is our family project. I am sure I will be the only one doing the work but who knows hubby may help out. Scratch that! I will get some sewing done on Sunday because I have to stop being non productive creatively.

My mind can find other things that need to be done but if I really want to be successful with my skill I must practice my skill to become a true professional. So Sunday I get back to work.

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