Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slap the Eyebrows off someone Face

There are a lot of things that just make me want to slap the eyebrows off someone face. The number one thing that make we feel that way is when someone makes up in their mind that I am a slacker.

There is a new employee in our department and she has no idea of what each person does in the department. That is not the correct way to explain it. She knows the job description and has made it up in her mind that she will be a widget processor. She was trained what is to be done for scheduling but she has decided that she will do just one function of that job and leave the rest to everyone else. Everyone else in her mind is me.

She had really decided that anything that she does not want to so I should do. She mistakes my usual mild manner to mean and that she can delegate what she does not want to do to me. She will ask for help on something and then give it to me like I am to take it and complete it. I usually give it back tell her I have work that needed to be done so she needs to finish what she started.

Her tactic then is to complain to the supervisor that something was not done and make sure that it is understood that I was the one who did not do it. I came into the room just as she was explaining this to the supervisor and the supervisor in turn started attempted to reprimand me for not doing the job. These were my words.

“I want both of you to stop what you are doing and look at me. I will not be accused of not doing my work. I complete my job to the best of my ability and I am not about to be overloaded with someone else’s work. When your work day is over you want to go home on time and I do as well. I will not stay after my work day has ended to complete something that you can take care of during your work day. “

The supervisor said something about teamwork and we all work together on different aspect of the scheduling and some things must be done at the end of the day because the morning is so busy.

“Well I guess you better take the time before you leave at the end of the YOUR day to make sure your portion of this is done because you will see I take care of what I need to before I leave.”

The supervisor said something that sounded like if it does not get done earlier than it need to be done before you go home.

“ I would not hold be breathe on that one. You as the supervisor need to make sure that it is done before anyone on your “TEAM” goes home. “

Then I left the room. I do not know what was said after I left nor do I care.

So when 2:30 came around the supervisor came to me and said did you finish blah blah blah. My response was yes here it is.
She then went to my coworkers who did not finish blah blah blah and she then started yelping about these must be done before you leave you cannot leave them for end of the day. There are doctors who have patients until 5:30 so these needs to be done before you leave.

I still need to slap the eyebrows off someone face.

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Betty Rubble said...

Oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall for that one! I can not believe you actually stood up to her! YOU GO GIRL!