Friday, July 18, 2008

Iced refreshing!

It summertime and one of the favorite drinks during the summer heat is and glass of Iced Tea!

There are times when Todd makes is home early enough for us to have breakfast together before I go to work. Thursday was one of those occassions.

We went to Eat N Park as is our custom. Marjorie was the hostess this morning and she took us to the usual place we sit when we come in. Todd went straight for the Breakfast buffet and I order a veggie omelet. He had a large orange juice and I had Ice tea. We were talking for a while and Todd had completed his first plate of food. I sat sipping my tea which was the perfect temp. I had sweetened it just right and it was so refreshing. I did not want to drink it all because I wanted to have it with my breakfast. Which we were still waiting for. Finally it came and because it took so long I started eating right away. (i eat kinda slow so I did not drink by tea at the same time.) I finally finished my omelet and the waitress came by and filled up my glass before I could protest and tell her no. Todd asked her for a togo cup and went off to pay the bill. I got the tea and we left with 30 minutes to get me to work.

While at a street light Todd was swatting a bug visible only to him. He kept this up for a while so much so that I had to ask him he was ok.

"This little bug keeps flying right in front of my face."

" I do'nt see a bug?"

Well its there! Oh it gone now."

OOOOOOOKay! We pull up the the hopsital and with about 7 minutes before I am late. It is 8:54 and I am feeling the heat of the day. I grabbed my stuff and made sure to get the tea. I could not wait to get to my office and sweeten it and drink it down. I just knew it would be a cool refreshing drink and could not wait to experience it.

"Running late" was the answer to my Good morning. I opened my office and got everything set up for me to work. Answered a call and them turned my attention to the tea. I got 3 packets of sugar because I am sure that is all that is needed for this cup of tea to be a perfectly sweeten, refreshingly cool, highly anticipated drink.

I opened the lid and saw something floating on the top of the tea, At first I thought " a tea leaf?" but looking closer it was a little gray bug!

No was it was not doing the backstroke,it was dead. Dead bug floating on my perfect drink.

I really wanted that tea.

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familyoftwo98 said...

Sorry...creature of habit...8:55 is late to me :)