Friday, July 11, 2008


Pittsburgh has many museums and I love them. They are great sources for inspiration.

I have not been to a museum in the 5 years that I have been married.

The Festivals here can also be inspiring.

The Arts Festival----- Missed it
The 3 Rivers Regatta-------Missed it
The Country Music Festival(not the correct name for it but that is what I call it ) ---Missed it.
The big Butler Fair ------Missed it
Squirrel Hill Arts Festival ------ Missed it
Chinese Boat Festival -------Missed it
West Moreland County fair ------Missed it
Community Days in Forest hills -----Missed it

There are a lot more but I have missed them all.

Tonight I am going to:

I wished I had a camera so that is on my wish list. I will use the cellphone camera and hope for the best.

This may enable me to get out of the slump that I find myself in right now.

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