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When I take the time to think about why I am so tired lately:

5:30 am Wake up

During this time if I actually get up. I prep all the materials I need to distribute brochures as well as making sure I have a complete kit of material ready for the new prospect should they decided to become Avon representatives. Shower, dress and make breakfast so that when Todd comes home breakfast is waiting for him (the breakfast part depends on if I am hungry if not he will make is own meal when he gets home.)

7:39 am
Catch the bus to get to work at children’s hospital. During the bus ride reviewing my calendar and call customers to set up times for delivery of products

9:00 am

Life in a scheduling room can be most uneventful but every once in a while something exciting happens.

12:15 pm lunch time 45 minutes

I call my up line to review any prospect she is referring to me for the weekend. Return any calls that left messages on the voicemail.

1:00 pm

Life in a scheduling room can be most uneventful but every once in a while something exciting happens.

4:30 pm

Go up stairs to the clinic and assist with checkout and scheduling follow up the remaining patients in clinic.

5:30 pm

Done with Work


Take the bus home and while on the bus confirm meeting place for any appointments that evening.


At home pick up the box with all the Avon orders, brochures, and kits for new reps that was prepared this morning. Get in car and take care of business

9:00 pm

Home after deliveries. If Todd is awake he is mad because he has not seen me all day. If he is asleep I am mad because I have not seen him all day.

9:30 pm

Make some dinner and wrap it up for Todd to take with him to work. Actually the normal thing that happen is I just look sit still and look at the TV for 20 minutes ,he should have already eaten. Once in a while he has made dinner and it is waiting on the table for me when I get home.

10:00 pm

Todd leaves to go to work. I clean up the kitchen and bathrooms and vacuum the living room and general cleaning stuff. Put away all the Avon materials. Get on computer and check my emails and blogs and then look at my unfinished projects . Talk to Todd on the phone while he is at work. Make sure all the doors are locked , take a shower and then finally go to bed. It is usually around 2:00am when I get into bed and probably about 2:30 or 3:00 am when I finally fall asleep.

The schedule above was the normal day. Just like everyone else unforeseen occurrences come up requiring immediate attention. I would not eliminate any of the things I already had set up some how they would just get incorporated into the day.

Please note and I also had to find time to spend with my husband and step daughter (she just started showing up at my job when she wanted to talk to me about something and hoped that I was not busy during her visit on the job.) He would actually drive me to my appointments, after which we would go out to dinner.

I would do this 4 days out of the week and the weekend would also have appointment and avon order deliveries. So right now I am overworked and burnt out.

What worst is that I did not achieve my leadership title. I am taking this time to reevaluate what I did and why my goal was not achieved with in the time frame that I set for my self and what I have to do to make it work.

I still cannot get to sleep before 2:00 in the morning But I am working at that. Starting Saturday whether I am sleepy of not I am going to bed at 10:00. I will probably lay there wide awake but that will soon give way to sleep earlier every day.

My schedule at work will be changing to 4 10 hour days. So I will have a day off during the week! Now I just have to work out my schedule to include the following:
1. Field Service
2. time with family
3. avon
4. crafting sewing
5. time with friends

This should be interesting.


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