Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Avon, the non paycheck

I have not talked about avon for a while. Yes i am still in business but I have slowed my roll considerably. If you remember the blog Schedules then you know that overworked and no pay really means you are in business for yourself.

In time the skills of a great salesman can be mine. Of course I have to work for that. I am reading books by topsalesmen who now roam the circuit as motovational speakers. Think about it you really have to be a great salesman to sell yourself so effectively that people will pay you to listen to your life story and the lessons you have learn in the hopes that they to may gain your skills. While some believe this can be achieved by osmosis I believe that I will have to do it the old fashioned way. Hard work.

I am taking the training courses on line and reading all recommended reading. Then actually doing the things learned!

I was recently contacted about a networking group being formed in my area. So I will check into that and see what that cost as well as what it can do for me.

The time now is 1:54 am close to my bed time so I better finish this tomorrow.

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