Monday, July 21, 2008

1 of 3 makes me angry!

Somethings just don’t faze me. But those same things can make others very angry. One thing that always, always makes me angry is to feel like someone is taking advantage of my kindness.

Today, 1of 3 comes into the office, LATE as usual. I did not make any comments when she did. My usual comment is “what time do you start?” When she does get to her desk she sits and recounts her whole weekend but does not log on the phone to answer any calls. You are not officially here unless you are ready to do your job. Had she been logged in so that she could be in a position to answer any call but no calls came in, fine. How many times do I have to answer the phone before you realize that you should be working also?

I believe she worked a grand total of 45 minutes for the whole 2 and ½ hours she was here this morning. Then she took lunch early. It’s her birthday and they had a cake for her upstairs in the clinic. I changed my lunch to later lunchtime so she could enjoy herself. Some people just love the attention they can get from occasions such as this. Our lunch break is 45 minutes. She was gone for an hour. She did not call and say “Hey I am still up here, are you guys busy. If not I will be down in about 10 minutes. Did you mind delaying your lunch a little longer? “Pretend to show a little consideration.

When I got tired of waiting and with 2 of 3 saying take your lunch I got my sandwiches and ate them and she still did have not come back. I called upstairs and they told me she just left. That me ticked me off, I decided to walk it off and I met her in the hallway and questioned her on it as I was leaving the office she just brushed me off like nothing of any importance.

Please note that I am aware that we take a break everyday at 3:00 in the afternoon and go to the gift shop. That may be kindness on her part not to make a big deal about being the only one of the phone. Since she claims a handicap as a result we often bring something back for her, water, sun chips, postage stamps. I also know that on rare occasions we take longer than 10 minutes to take this trip. But if at 3:00 the phones are ringing like crazy we do not take the break because that would just be wrong! However it is not uncommon for her to be talking to family and ignore the phone because we are able to answer the phones.

It is now 4:24 and I am not quite so angry now but I guess that I just get angry when people complain about courtesy and somehow forget about those same courtesies when they need to extend them.

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