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Amazing and Amusing!

It rain most of the day and was generally gray all day.

My husband and I just laid about watching Spike TV marathon.

To my amazementment he made some lunch, a shrimp salad and ice tea. He made enough for both of us.

Just as he was about to sit down to eat. He misjudge the table and his tea fell straight to the floor.

This picture does not give the full impact. But this is exactly how the tea spilt. Straight up.

He was not looking when the glass fell so he thought the damage was to the carpet only. He got the biggest towel he could find and covered the tea stain on the carpet.

I told him he had the clean the whole thing up. He said I know and I am doing that.

I said look at the wall, the ceiling, the printer, the plant stand. He looked at all the places I pointed out to him and he looked like a little kid staring in amazement.

Then he actually clean it up. The ceiling, the wall, the carpet, the table that had the plant on it the printer. and He was just about finish when he knocked over the remaining tea in his glass on to the Carpet.

There was no more tea to be had since I was drinking my tea and eating my salad while I watched him clean up.

He was not happy. However I was quite amused! I made some more ice tea and he set up is computer to play a game to release some frustration.

He had left his powercord at work.


Anonymous said…
This is so wrong...but I am SO LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
V & Co. said…
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