Sunday, June 8, 2008

pain in the back

Friday Morning, I woke up to the heat of the day but I could not move. I actually felt paralyzed. My legs would not moved and it hurt to try to sit up. Todd help me get into a sitting position and then I got up using todd and the wall for support. I could not move. My legs supported me fine I just could not get them to move. I laid back down on the bed while Todd got the Motrin. This could not be happening today I had a lot of stuff to get done and laying in bed was not part of the plan.

I took the Motrin and after 40 minutes and with todd massaging my back I was able to move. I did my back stretches to get from relief from the tightness and the pain. Eventually I was able to walk.

Proceeded to get the different things done with no problem at all and actually would have forgotten the pain completely if Todd had not kept calling, texting and asking are you ok?

Felicia and Floyd arrive and sleeping arrange were set up for them as well as making sure Floyd was able to have his friend russell come by tomorrow to get him so he would not be stuck in the house all day saturday. Felicia went to her mother's house and help her as much as her mother would allow. She had recently taken ill and she was the reason for the trip into town.

All the things for the anniversary party were in place and tomorrow was the big day.

Saturday morning Wake up to the same pain but I was able to move around. So I got up and made sure I had everything I needed for the party. Felicia with to her mom's house and Floyd and Russell were out and about.

The party was a success. Char and Lee are very suprised and very happy. I should have some pictures next week. ( I have to get a camera ) They party was winding down and just then is when the pain hit again. I just stood next to a wall with my back press against it and waited until we finally made our way home.

Felicia and Floyd were asleep which explains why they decided not to come to the party. Even though they were not on the guest list I extended the invite to them because I felt like a terrible hostess to them. I really did not entertain them at all and I realize that is not the reason they came but I still felt like I should have done something for them. However they did enjoy the food I brought home for them.

Right now it is 2:34 in the moring and I am afraid to go to sleep because I may wake up in pain again.

But because of the heat my legs are starting to swell. so I have to lay down to so they can feel better.

I never do well in the heat.

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