Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project runway

Since I have found the blog blogging project runway I look at it every day. Today I read every entry Sweet P has on her blog and he leads a very nice life. She doe not talke about her work to much. She was my favorite. Her dresses were alway nice and I could see then in a dress shop. I also like her attitude during the whole show.

Last night I was looking at the stash of fabrics that I have knowing that I should have started on the dresses for spring months ago and now its summer and I still need dresses. I have lots of plan but nothing is working for me. The fabric I have are not inspiring me to create with them. I missed the 3 Rivers Arts Festival I think this is the 3rd time in all my years in pittsburgh. I remember going to the arts festival as a school field trip. When I would get home I had so many ideas and I would try to do them all. I am hoping my lil designer will do something inspiring this weekend so I can just get started like I want to.

Avon business has taken a lot of joy out of the things I used to do. I am so busy making appointments and trying to create a successful downline and one the is productive as well. Sometimes I am so focused on recuriting new prospects that I dont have enough time to sell to my customer. I am very disorganized right now and I have to get my mind together. Then I can function the way I know I should be able to.

I look forward to the new season of Project Runway I have not been watching TV hardly at all because they are not even showing re-runs of the shows. My stepdaughter told me she almost bought me the complete first season of the show but then she could not see why I would watch something I had already seen. I however would watch the same show over and over again. I know that I am not insane because I do remember the end result will always be the same.

While watching the repeats of the show I often drawing designs based on the challenges presented.

I believe that I will step out of the leadership program for a while and just concentrate on selling products and build customer base and sewing and creating beautiful things.

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