Friday, June 27, 2008

The jacket collar is done. Now I just have to finish the facing edges and put in the hem. S will have to put the buttons on her self.

I should have taken a picture of the jacket and skirt. I will tonight.

Now for the kitchen window.

I no longer want anything to sit on the window sill. It looks to cluttered.

I have this cotton mesh type fabric that I thought would be great for the window but I did not have enough of it. Then I remember this printed fabric that is determine to become a apron. It is very lightweight so If it does become an apron it will have terry cloth on the back so it can be reversible.

I love the little woman in the print. My sisters think it is too country looking. I like country looking.

Isnt she cute!

This fabric will be put with the cotton fabric I think it will work. Regardless I will have new curtains in the kitchen.

I think this combination will work just fine.

1 comment:

familyoftwo98 said...

Me...put on buttons? Are you out of your mind woman?

Your apron is cute...and I am SURE you will do your own buttons if required...right?