Monday, June 30, 2008

Wet cardboard boxes again.

You know how you plan to do something and then put it off. Procastination is something we all may be guilty of.

Of course,there are times when we wish we had not put them off. This is one of those times.

It has been raining a lot and I love the rain. I get the best sleep during rain storms. Sometimes when there are a lot of heavy rains there are also water damage.

I remember when: (flashback)

I lived in Wilkinsburg on Franklin Ave. It was a 2 bedroom place with a finished basement. My sister and I shared the place. I always have a place for my sewing so during this time it was in the basement. It was convenient for me to wash clothes while sewing. One year after several days of rain storms, I went into the basement to find 2 inches of water. Not a major deal except that my patterns were stored in cardboard boxes that sat on the floor of the basement. The fabric was on plastic shelving that I had put together. It was my plan to change the patterns from the cardboard boxes into plastic bins. I put it off. As a result they were ruined by the rain. Ruined by the water seeping in to the basement because of the rainstorms that gave several nights of restful sleep.

(end flashback)

The place I now live with my husband, has 3 bedrooms. I have a room for my sewing gear so no problem there. However in the garage I have stored several things that i really cannot remember what the things are. But they are stored in cardboard boxes. I have about 20 plastic bins in the laundry room and it was my intention to take the stuff out of the cardboard boxes and put them into the plastic bin and toss what I did not need.

However after being out most of the day I came home during the rainstorm thinking about how much rest I will be able to get. I was going to take a shower and go straight to bed. My husband press the button to open the garage and we see the following:

I went in to the house took my shower and just as I got into bed it stopped raining.
So much for a good night rest and all I could think about was wet cardboard boxes again.

Wet cardboard boxes again. I don't even feel like looking through to see what damage was done. If anything is worth keeping.

In the next couple of day I will keep a look out for some sturdy plastic utility shelving to store the things that should be stored in a garage. Nothing will be kept in cardboard boxes and Nothing will be on the floor.

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