Friday, June 6, 2008

What is the tempature again?

I was off today and I know I would have loved the air conditioning at work. I think the high was over 80 today and right now at 11:03 at night it is 78.

We recently moved in to our current apartment and it does not have central air conditioning. We are back to using fans. This is our first summer here so It will take a little while before I figure out which way to postion the fans for the best air flow.

Our apartment is basically a rectangle. So I dont think this will be a major problem.

All day I was asked What is the tempature? After a while you just answer "Hot".

I sincerely hope that I will survive this heat wave.

I belive this is the begining of the art festival, where is the rain, the thunderstorms? This is the 48 Annual 3 Rivers Art Festival and there should be rain. Every one knows pittsburgh generally greets new artist with gale force winds and buckets of rain. Mother nature sits back and watch the artist struggle to save their works of art that are on exhibit for all to stare at and give unwanted critical viewpoints. The musical concert would be canceled for tonight because of the storm.

What is the reason for this turn of events? Global warming? What has thrown off the precious balance of this day. I know the art festival has move it location to the gateway center. Could this be the reason it is hot and not the cool after a thunderstorm? i doubt it but it makes you wonder?

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Familyof2 said...

Everyone without AC was at Boyce Park at the wave pool...ugh. So I came home, nothing beats AC!