Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friendship are hard.

Often time I find myself stuck in the middle. As is the case today. It is Wednesday nothing special just the middle of the week.

I am out of sort for all sorts of reason but nothing in particular. It is the weirdness that is me.

I am part of a trio at work and we occassionally do things together. 2 of 3 leaves work at 4:30. Hearing center guru should leave work at 5:00 but is often there after 5:30 and I leave work at 5:30.

Today we were to tour the new hospital. We are to arrive @7:45 for the 8:00 tour.
Our plan have had several changes.

1. Go home and them meet at the hospital for the tour and afterward go to buffalo blues.

2. Go the buffalo blues first and then go the hospital for the tour

3. 2 of 3 stay after work and ride the bus with us to buffalo blues and then go to the hospital for the tour. She does not like rideing the bus but was willing to try. This would not work because her husband had already had something set up after work and would not be avail for the 9:00 pick up.

4. Since 2 0f 3 was not familar with the area I take 1 hour of pto and leave with her and then meet hearing center guru at buffalo blues. She was not comfortable waiting in buffalo blue by herself.

2 of 3 feels this is to much hassel and will just go home and meet us at the hospital. hearing center guru feels the same and I just don't want to go home first becasue I will not come back out.

Friendship are hard at time but they are so worth it because we have fun after all the planning and changes are done.

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familyoftwo98 said...

Listen here you tubular slime sucking sock monkey...this was SO NOT MY FAULT!!!

Go talk to Wanda Bean...she will tell you! Hmf.