Monday, June 16, 2008

The weekend.

This weekend was to be the weekend that I was able to reach a goal of obtaining 6 new partners in my avon business.

I am very thankful for the one girl who did sign up. I did make my way to Natrona Heights and then afterward got lost on my way home. I spend some of my earnings from avon just to get the gas I needed.

The rest of the prospects had very valid excuses/reasons for changing the appointments. One had a family emergency and was in OH. Two daughter is sick and had no water service. Three did not answer the phone to verifiy that we were to meet. If I cannot talk to the person 1 hour before the appointment then that is a cancellation. Four was sick herself and forget about our meeting. Five phone was disconnected with "no further information about..."

I still am not about to give up. Change of plans, I am going to concentrate on the people that I do have and not worry about getting more. I have taken and invested a lot of time and it has paid of by giving me the confidence to continue in this business.

I truly need to think things through. I know that it is best to get someone one withing 24 to 48 hours of the initial inquiry. I feel that this is the problem. Because Kim gets the calls and then trys to get them to wait for the weekend so I can sign them up. By the time the weekend arrives they have changed their mind. But if the sign up and get started doing their own business they stay focus on the reason they called in the first place.



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