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Lets change the subject for a minute.

I know I have not been blogging everyday. I also realize that I was to only blog about crafting and sewing but today I have something different that is on my mind.

I work at a hospital,in the ENT pediatrics scheduling room. All day long I listen to parents make appointments for their children only to not arrive for the appointment for a variety of reasons, some good reasons, some very, very lame.
For all my complaining about the job it is the easiest and least stressful job I have ever had until yesterday.

There are upcoming layoff due to the budget cuts that need to be made.

The first round of budget cuts in our area did not have any layoff because one of our doctor left our practice to set up his own in Florida, somewhere in the Keys.

This second round of budget cuts will result in some layoffs.

First we are told this will not effect us then we are told get your resume together. The three of us in this scheduling department are basically in jeopardy of losing our employment. There are several options that can take place.

1. All three of use are laid off and then the Adult scheduling area would be responsible to making appointment in our Pediatric area.

2. Two people are laid off and one person put in with the adult scheduling area.

3. One person is laid off and two people are put in the adult scheduling area.

At least these are the three options that I can remember. There were probably different one but I hate listening to stuff that is not confirmed. So right now I have a wait and see attitude.

My hubby and I discussed our options if I do get laid off.

1. Try to get another job right away. Wherever just so we can have health care benefits.

2. Go live with is father who is a recent amputee and will need more assistance doing everyday functions, while I go back to school.

3. I go back to being an independent contractor and become a courier again. ( Which is not that bad of an option. I made pretty decent money doing this job. Most money made in a regular week. 600.00. Most money made with some additional effort 900.00.)

There may be others but this is what I remember. Friday of next week is when all will be revealed.

So in an effort to keep me calm I have been doing some alterations on men's dress pants and working on a design for a tote bag, while watching Project Runway Canada on


Anonymous said…
Tuesday is when all is revealed. Friday is our last day! If it comes to that...

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