Friday, March 27, 2009

Riding the rollercoaster at work.

There is a song title "emotional roller coaster" which is basically about all the up and downs she goes through in dealing with her man. There should be one for what goes on here at work.

Okay make sure your seat beat is tightly fastened, keep your hands inside the car and enjoy the ride.

At first it's deceptively smooth. Our department's move date for the new hospital April 1, please get everything ready for the move. Throw out what is not necessary and keep the vital stuff. We do not want to move everything as space is not the same. We even tour the new building before it is complete and scope out our space.

First dip not a very big one everyone on the ride says Whoa!
Oh the phone schedulers are not going to the new hospital you will be in the administration office.
The next are a series of small dips.
Where are we going to in the the admin office . Who else is going to be there? Where are we sitting and who is next to us? blah, blah boring ride.

Giant dip follow by a corkscrew! People are screaming.
Not going to administration office you will be merged with the adult department and 2 people will be laid off! Get your resume together! This ride is not so much fun any more.

Toboggan type turn.
Okay no one is getting laid off but you will not be going to new location going to merge with adult department.

Smooth ride. Everyone is packed up and ready to meet the new direct report and then a giant dip, where is the bottom. Betty using her option of an ejection seat and she is out of here. She is no longer working with us and now it up to the 2 of us. I can't catch my breath but at least we stopped going down.

Giant loop.
We meet the new direct report of which she tells me she is not our boss. We meet the adult schedulers who are not happy to see us because one of their coworker who was mountain climbing with them line had been cut to make room for 2 new people in their office.

The ride is about to enter the station when it makes a sudden turn. Monday is the move day for us. As we travel down the track we pass a car the belongs to a different part of our department. " Hey Lavon, come over here." I tried to get in that car before but they never made space but there was a space so I used my transfer pass and got out clinic scheduling car and got in to surgery scheduling car and as I pulled away. I heard L scream out " Oh God Why me?" as she was about to enter a triple corkscrew!

So Monday I start the final part of my training as a surgery schedule and when AL leaves I will be apart of the department and I will be in the new hospital and I am strapped in for a new roller coaster ride.

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