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What if?

What if?
What if we do something to create something better.
What if you would try to solve a problem this way.
When something is not definite you can you the phrase" What if." But if you do not use the phrase "What if "and everything you say gives the listener the impression that what you are saying is about to take place.

Here is an example.

Two of you are going to lose your job while one will remain here and become a part of the scheduling for children and adult department.

If this same statement would be preceded by What if?

What if two of you were to lose your job while one remain here and become a part of the scheduling for children and adult department?

The first sentence gets the response of " Why would only one keep their job!" This cause the defensive mode to present itself as it should.

The second sentence gets the response " Is this a possibility or do you just need some feedback as to why this would not work?" Still defensive but more in the line of "lets find a solution to the problem that you see."

Conjecture, possibilities, opinions, speculations, just a guess,should not presented or stated as facts, true events about to happen.

Because the Director seems to have a difficult time presenting thing in the correct format. I will only listen to what he has to say when it is presented in a meeting for all to hear, as fact, a true event about to happen.

I refuse to have a lunch in which the dominate convesater will present as fact, theories, hypothesis, guesses which present with evidence insufficient to ensure reliability.

We will leave the 'What if 'conversation for those trying to improve technology or find a cure for the common cold.


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