Monday, March 9, 2009


I have completed 10 baby bibs. 4 of which I gave to my coworker. She talks about how her grandson drools all the time.

So at her suggestion I made some bibs very long. I hope she truly likes them and is not just being nice. It is better to give me critical review so I am make what ever necessary improvements. I was complaining that some terry cloth material is so very rough and Betty suggested I use flannel. So as soon as I finish the list below I will do just that.

Here is the list

1. finish the plaid skirt by March 10, 2009 .
2. make two dresses on March 11, 2009.
3. Remind Betty to bring her quilt that needs to be taken apart and put back together. BETTY BRING IN THE QUILT!
4. Finish the quilt by March 31.
5. and this is the most important, Do Not to let anything interrupt the completion of this list.

This is a short list. This way it will not overwhelm me and by April 11 I can start a new list.

On my lunch tomorrow I will go to Rue 21 to search for the perfect socks. I got my information today so I will mail them on Friday I think.

It bed time and I must get up to complete a workout.


itsme said...

Red plaid skirt completed.

itsmeagain said...

1 dress completed and betty brought the quilt.