Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Removing stitches.

I have been working on the quilt. I has been very hypnotic taking stitches out. So I have been very relaxed in working on it. Last night it was 2:00 in the morning when I stopped.

This is what I am doing, I would remove one 5 block row from the quilt top. Then remove the quilt block from the bottom and take the sashing that is on the top and right side off of the block and make sure the rest is very straight. I did not want to remove all the sashing because some of the details on the quilt block could be lost.

After removing the sashing from the top and the right side every thing gets ironed flat. I look it over very carefully to make sure all the stitching is well done. If stitches need to be redone then I take all the sashing off. After stitching then I put the sashing back on the left side and the bottom. I measure the block with the sashing on the left side and bottom,trim to size.

Then I would do the some thing to the next quilt block. After trimming to size I would match the left sashing with that of the bottom block right side together and then sew the blocks together. The sashing on the bottom of the block now frames the top of the bottom block.

I would repeat this action until all 5 blocks in the row are done. The block at the top of the row has sashing on the top and the bottom and the left side.

I have pictures but my computer at home was not working correctly soI could not post them. I should be able to do so tonight. So I will add them later.

Work yesterday was off the chain. The phone was ringing , and ringing. Front desk person needing help and newly trained coworker wanting you to sit with them and watch what they were doing. It was a challenge but funny as well.

Betty seems to like her new job.

Today we met our Direct report today. I am to go to the office at 1:00 and L will go at 2:00. Hopefully we will get some questions answered.

I am going to get some lunch because fruit byitself is not enough.

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