Monday, March 2, 2009

I hate this!

My Aunt H is in a fog. I wish she had children but she did not. We always treated her like our grandmother so right now it's like helping grandma plan the funeral for her sister.

She sit thinking that she is now all alone. She is the last surviving sibling of 13 children. She is lost and I am doing everything I can the help her through this but it is so difficult to accomplish something when the person you needs to do the planning is still stuck between morning the lost of her sister and dealing with the reality of being the last of her brother and sister alive.

I don't know what the feels like. I don't know what to do but be there as much as my life will allow. I know that I have to include her in a lot more activities but right now, we must focus on getting all the plans in place and have the funeral as quickly as possible because. Aunt H's birthday is Thursday and I really do not want a funeral on her birthday.

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