Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Working the list.

I have been working the list as I promised myself.
The skirt is completed with enough fabric left to make a wrap.
One dress is completed, well it just needs to be hemmed . I usually let the dress hang on a hanger overnight before I hem it. So tomorrow it will be completed.

While doing a 10 minute clean up I found the drawing that I wanted to put on fabric. So I uploaded it to spoonflower and I'm awaiting the fat quarter that I order to see what it looks like.

I have a very good feeling about this fabric design. I have been wanting this drawing on fabric so I could make a carry on bag and a garment bag.

It is a drawing of me when I went to a Networking session at a local museum. I love this picture and could picture it on fabric and the luggage would be so different from everyone else it would never be confused. I had this idea at least 5 years ago. I am so happy to have found out about Spoonflower!

I also took a picture of the steps that I go down to get to the bus stop. They were covered by the leaves that had fallen from the trees that surround the area. I just happen to have my camera and the light was perfect. So I made the picture a mirror image and had it repeat. This will make a great backing for a quilt. Because of the changes to the picture it looks like a quilt. So I ordered a fat quarter of it as well.

I have to get batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of Betty's quilt before I take it apart so I can make sure to keep her photos in the correct layout.

Next week we go back to our hours of 8 hours a day for 5 days.
Betty has found a new position so she will be leaving me in the scheduling room. I will not be able to see her everyday or talk to her every day.

I always tease her about her invisible friends. These are the friends she makes in blog land and she only blogs with them because they are invisible. Only one invisible friend became a real friend and they get together and do different things. I think it will be weird to be a real friend and then become an invisible friend. I will try to not let that happen.

She has a really great TV and the grill on the porch is a plus as well.

I guess I will just have to show up every now and then with some ribs for the grill and wine coolers. Because regardless of what we go through, we are still friends.


Betty Rubble said...

My leaving you may come faster than you think!

Betty Rubble said...

I shall miss you. You WILL NOT be allowed to become an invisible friend! We will MAKE TIME or that will happen. NO MORE EXCUSES!