Sunday, March 1, 2009

Running like crazy.

Today is the first day in 3 days that I have taken to sit at the computer to communicate with my invisible friends. I barely communicate with my visible friends!

Friday was maddening. We worked like crazy the prepare the meal and all as fine but this time it was a lot more work.

1 roaster to keep BBQ ribs warm, 2 crock pots, one with green beans and one with yams. A big bowl for the pasta salad. 1/2 sheet cake, which happen to be carrot cake. Everyone enjoyed the food and we got rave reviews.

Wednesday and Thursday was Turkey dinner with all the trimmings so I am not sure if Friday received great reviews because they were tired of turkey!

After we packed up the car and made it home. We literally just pulled into the garage and let a sigh of relief when I cell phone rang.

FIL made it home fine but had no food and could not move the wheelchair through the house on the carpet. GRIEF! We unloaded the care and C went upstairs to her apartment to get some well deserved rest and I got back in the car with my head throbbing and made my way to FIL.

Old people test my patience and today was not exception.

He thought I should have been at his house waiting for him to come home. Yes He knew what I was doing he just thought he was more important.

The oxygen tanks had been delivered, he did not know why they bother since he was not going to use it anyway.

The wheelchair he had was faulty the wheels locked so he could not go forward. I looked over the wheelchair and basically he just does not have the arm strength to roll the chair over the carpet. He believes he has a faulty chair and that was all there was too it.

I took my SD to the Crazy house (wal-mart) for her to get some food. She had no idea what food to get! After getting her to think in the mode of meals for the week we were able to get the food he needed.

My headache was not allowing me to go any further. I saw my hubby come in and help his father to the bathroom and I sat and waited and fell asleep.

When I woke up my hubby's face was just inches from my face he was smiling but i was annoyed.

I wanted to go home and just chill out. He wanted to take me out to dinner because he knew I had a hard day. He was so excited to take me out I just went along.

The place we went to had a sign saying "Live music" OMG! NO! But thankfully it was an piano bar!

After dinner back to FIL house to make sure he could get in bed!

I am getting a headache just typing this. Anyway finally I got to sleep.

Saturday up at 6:30 Out the house by 9:00 back home by 1:00 . Made a Pound cake to take to a niece house for her first dinner party. 3:50 Just as I was going to leave I got a phone call from Aunt H. She was crying so hard that I thought Aunt M had died. But she told me that Hospice say that was all they could do. The nurse told her to go home and not to worry about coming back till tomorrow. I went to the nursing home to see Aunt M. 4:40 The nurse said she was non responsive to pain. I asked if I should get the family together she said no. I told her I would be back. I went the nieces house and the party was over but I got to see her place and left her the cake. Went to Aunt H and picked her up and took her to mall so she could calm down. She told me not to worry and that she will be fine. I also asked me to go with her tomorrow. I said OK. I went home to rest, it was 7:00.

7:30 I got a call FIL wants me to bring the Wheelchair I have in the garage to him because the one he has is no good. Also wants hubby to help him get in to bed. Left Hubby a text message he was in the mall shopping for shoes and I went over to FIL with the wheelchair. Hubby got there about 10 minutes after I did. He helped his dad and we left. He took me to a movie and during the movie my cell phone kept vibrating I just ignored the phone and kept watching the movie. It became annoying so I flipped it open and saw the text message " Where r u! Aunt M died." We left the movie and went straight over Aunt H's house and my sisters were already there. Aunt H found out her sister died by receiving a phone call from the funeral home explaining that they had her body.

I contacted the nursing home/hospice. She died 20 minutes after I left from visiting her and they did not have my cell phone number . They left 2 message on Aunt H voice mail but she did not check it. Therefore at 9:00 in the evening she received the call from the funeral home.

I spent all day today trying to get Aunt H to understand what she has to do because I have to go to work on Monday. But it is not getting through to her. I spent 4 hours this morning going through drawers of papers searching for the life ins policy that Aunt H insist is in that drawer.

We went to the nursing home to get Aunt Minnie's clothing and personal belongings. I left a message with the administrator for him to call me back so we can go over the final accounts. An appointment was made for the finalization of the funeral arrangements and I sent an email to work explaining that I will be in on Tuesday. SIGH!

I still did not get to do any sewing and AF had the nerve to actually begin on Friday! I am not sure where I am emotionally but I know I am not sleeping.

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