Monday, January 25, 2010

Sisters can be a pain.

Especially when they think that their time is to valuable to do something as simple as drop off her daughter to my house Saturday.

When we talked in detail about how his is going to work it was decided that T.B and I would work together on weekends. One weekend on a Saturday next weekend on a Sunday. On Saturday's my sister will drop her off around 1 in the afternoon and I would bring her home around 5. On Sunday I will pick her up around 3 in the afternoon and she would come and get her around 4 or 5.

Somehow after we decided this either she or her daughter's schedule suddenly was full. Saturday T.B. had to go to the beauty shop to get her hair braided. If I wanted I could pick her up around 3 and then bring her home after we were finished.

See I know my sister if I gave in to pickup and drops off at the very beginning then I would be doing it all the time. Sunday her family was going to visit their dad's grandmother. So two weeks went by with no work being done on her clothing line.

So I asked my sister to get the measurement of the children who are going to be her models since they live near her and I will get the measurements from her. I will use the measurement to draft some pattern on which the clothing can be customized according to my nieces designs.

My niece still has not decided who her models are going to be.

Just the other Saturday I decided that i would drive my husband to work. There was some running around my Auntie needed to do and then I would pick up TB and we can get some work done. I came to her house and my sister and her children were no where to be found. This is however all my fault because I did not call in advance to find out what was going on.

She started tell me about the possibility of a house she had found and that she would like some help packing up the stuff. She then explained how busy she had been recently and wondered if I could come over some Saturday. I told her Friday's would be better. She said that Friday were difficult because she had so much to get ready for the weekend but Saturday evening would be perfect. I told here I would come Friday after work around 7:00. She said that is a bad time for her. I told her I could only help on Friday's after work around 7:00.

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Betty Rubble said...

There's always Joe's on the 20th...they sell liquor there!