Sunday, January 10, 2010


My niece, T has decided that she is a fashion designer. Her mother wants to encourage her so she asked me to make some of her designs. The first couple of her fashion designs were much too old for her. She is 11 years old she thinks she is 21 so there is the problem.

I told her that she need to designs clothes for her age group. Look at the way her friends dress and they clothing her mother allow her to wear and then design fashions in this manner.

She should think of where they would wear the clothing; School, Kenny wood, the mall, movies or just hanging our with her friends. She said she would try.

Friday she showed me a notebook with some fashion designs in it and they were perfect for her. She did a great job so we will make these designs for her to wear.

Saturday I received a text from her mother saying she wanted to do a fashion show of T’s designs.

She is currently working on more fashions and a name for us to launch her line of clothing.

She has 10 friends who will model the clothes on the runway. 5 girls and 5 boys she thinks she will have 2 designs for each child. Wednesday I will go and get everyone measurements and draw up some blanks for the patterns and then Friday, T and I will get to work.

By helping her with this current dream of hers I will be a great motivator to my children(nieces and nephews). They can accomplish anything they desire and I am going to do my best by showing her how.


Just Us... said...

I so want to see her fashion show!!!

Lavon said...

You will get an invite!