Sunday, January 17, 2010

Invisibility Shield Surrounding me.

Saturday I attended a circuit convention which is really what I needed to hear. I will not give you details but it was about safeguarding your spirituality.

I felt so much better coming home from the special session. We went to Denny for dinner. I had the Prime Rib sizzling skillet and coke to drink. Hubby and I had wonderful conversation and my sister join us while we were there.

They were nice to each other for a change and it was a beautiful evening and I was feeling good.

I need to get some tights to wear tomorrow so Hubby took me to Target. It was the closest store. I doubted that they would have what I needed but why spoil a wonderful evening by complaining about the store we went to.

As we entered the store Hubby saw 2 females who were close friends. They were so happy to see him. Me they ignored. I became totally invisible.

The older woman looked to be in her 50 or so and the younger looked to be late 30’s. They hugged started talking about old times, asked about his daughter, how old was she has it really been 20 years. The younger of the two when to get her son (4 or 5) she wanted to introduce him to Todd, but the child kept hiding from her. Hubby did something that he never did before. He ignored me. I instantly became invisible and He never made me visible. Usually he always break the shield of invisibility by introducing me to whomever he met. This time he allowed the shield of invisibility surround me. The conversations continue and after 10 minutes I told Todd I would catch up with him later. He just nodded as he took out his wallet to show them a picture of his daughter.

I left and just roamed through the store. I could not find what I wanted so I just started looking at anything. After some time, not sure how much time, I was ready to go. I found him in the electronics department. I did not have much to say on the ride home and he wanted to know what was wrong.

I wanted to say “Oh you can see me now?” But I did not. He started telling me when he knew them and a bunch of other stuff that I was not listening to at all.

Usually when something of this nature happens I can ALWAYS count on him to introduce me to whomever he is talking to shattering the invisibility shield they attempted to put around me. But he did not do that this time. I should have listened to what he was saying on our way home this may be given me some insight into the reason for allowing the shield of invisibility to be place around me and his reason for not shattering it.

He talked, I thought about a silver snake print skirt that I had made but did not hem. I wondered where I put the hem tape because I should have finished it on Friday. Since I didn’t finish it I was mentally searching my closet to discover some other outfit to wear tomorrow.

I do not like being invisible.

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Betty Rubble said...

Bad husband....bad bad bad husband.

I see flowers in your near future...and if don't...really really really bad husband!