Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unnecessarily Cool a clothing line by T. B.

Unnecessarily Cool by T. B. This is the name of my niece’s line of clothing she wants to design. She is working on the logo and we will be getting together in the next week or so to choose fabrics and colors. She is still trying to figure out who her models are going to be. I talked her down to 5 models with each model having 2 outfits.

I thought her fashion show could be at my house. My living room is rectangular in shape and there would be enough room for the family to watch the fashion show. Our family total about 20 people. Afterward we could have some light food afterward. I would create a scrapbook of the whole event and that would be it.

I called my sister to see what she thought my ideas and to set up a schedule for us to get together regularly to accomplish this. Before I could tell her my ideas for the fashion show she told me hers.

She was going to rent a center near her home. Create flyers so T could pass them out to her school mates and friends so they could attend. Jo was going to a couple of boutiques in the area and give them invitations to the fashion show. Her hope is that one of the boutique owners would put T clothing line in their store. She was going to hire a photographer to video the whole event so T could have a keepsake.

“Whoa! Hold up!” That is a lot of money being spent are you selling tickets or something. No fashion shows really do not last that long once the models are done so she was not going to charge anyone anything. She really wants one of the boutiques to pick up her clothing line. Once again I was saying “Whoa! Hold up! Do you have a manufacturer for these items or what?” Her exact words to me were “You can make them and if we get enough orders then you can quit your job and earn money making the clothing and stuff.” I decided that she had been watching too much Disney channel or Nick jr. True Jackson is a teenager who works for a fashion house on one of those networks.

I just laughed, not because it is this could never happen, stranger things have, but because T is 11 years old. This could be a passing phase for T. She may be excited about it now but once you started with all the work involved she my lose interest and then what. You have all these people coming to a fashion show that I will have to finish for the little girl. I am sure that is the way it going to be anyway but really I not sure if I want that. Jo is quite sure that is what she wants.

Next Saturday we will see how determined T.B actually is to create her Unnecessarily Cool clothing line.


Just Us... said...

Love the name.

I now see where you get your enthusiasm...it's genetic. Ha ha ha.

Lavon said...

scary isn't it!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

It sounds like a great project. I would say to stay with the small scale at-home version. Manufacturing clothing isn't as easy as you might think. But I'm 100% on board with encouraging a young girl's interests. Good luck!