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Weight Lifted......

I was employed with Cole National and worked in the Optical Department. I started as a receptionist/front desk person and was about to become an optician in training

In time I was the front desk person, the person training patient in the insertion and removal of contacts. Maintain the stock of the eyeglass frames I even created a system use to keep track of what we have to display. It was a great idea because the district manager presented the idea at a corporate meeting as if it was his own. I did the ordering of the eyeglasses and processed all the paperwork. Prepared all the figures for the staff meeting to encourage staff to sell the add on.

At first I really liked this job. I worked like I was working for a parent who was going to give the family business to me one day. I truly enjoyed the interaction with the people and felt important. Since I live in the neighborhood many of my customers were also my friends and neighbors.

In time it became clear to me that I would never be considered for managed positions. I could run the department which was made clear to corporate because they let me run the department for 9 months before they actually put a manager in place. I was still expected to do everything that the manager would do. I was so upset and stress that one day I woke up thinking it was Sunday realized that it was Monday and actually passed out. My father came up to my room (I lived in the attic) to find out what happened. The next day I turn in my resignation letter. The weight was lifted off of me when I did that. I was excited to see what I would do next and ever so happy to leave it behind.

When I left they had to hire 2 full time people and 2 part time people to place. I was happy to be unemployed! 2 month later I left my family home and moved in with a girlfriend who needed some help with her children so I became a nanny to 2 little kids. A boy who had ADHD and his little sister and I love them dearly.

What is the reason for my retelling this? My husband just turned in his resignation letter. He works for a local direct drive service for 10 years. We have been married for 6 years and I know he never received a raise in pay during the years we were married. Actually he was told that no one was getting raises because the office was struggling to make a profit. Everyone in the office complained of not getting raises so that he does not dispute. His work schedule 11pm to 7am, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7am to 3pm Saturday and 3pm to 11pm on Sunday. His father has been battling several illnesses during the time I have known him. Diabetes, Kidney disease, but he does not need dialysis yet, congestive heart failure, 2 open heart surgeries, double by-passes, prostate cancer, stomach cancer both in remission. And a host of other problems that come with just getting older and not following doctors instructions.

So when my husband would get off work he would drive a school bus and then go take his father to doctor’s appointments and then try to get some sleep before needing to go back out to drive the school bus to take the children home from school try to get some sleep before going to work that night. And do not forget that I being a needy wife wanted some attention. Friday used to be good night for us to go out be he would still be tired and usually by 8:00 we would be home. Him asleep on the sofa while the TV watched him and I was doing something so where in the apartment.

He said to me that when he turned in his resignation letter it felt like a weight was lifted off of him. He feels freer to be there for his father, he will keep the job with the school bus company. He just received a phone call from the motor coach division of the school bus company asking him to come in for some training classes to be a motor coach driver. This is something that he hoped to do as well and now he will be able to do this also.

He is more relaxed and happier. Feb12, 2010 is his last day of full time employment.

Then we move on into a new chapter of our life together.


Anonymous said…
For a minute I thought you quit too!
Lavon said…
OOOOOOOO no. I am still in my current prison.

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