Thursday, January 21, 2010


What was the cause?

That is the 10,000 dollar question. My FIL had 3 pints of blood removed from his stomach and they could not find a bleeder. Once he is released from the hospital he will be getting the capsule endoscopy which is basically a pill shaped camera that will send the photos to the doctor in hopes of finding the course of his bleeding.

While in the hospital they did to endoscopy but found nothing. Well the first endoscopy showed blood with lots of clots still in his belly. They thought one big clot was blocking the source of his bleeding but since it had clotted they did not want to move it for fear of starting the bleeding again. The next day they did a second endoscopy and there was no blood in his stomach and nothing that looked like the source of the bleeding. The next plan is to do the pill shaped camera.

The doctor explains that even after doing this procedure they may not find the source of his bleeding.

His breathing is labored because his body is retaining fluid. So they stopped the IV’s and are giving him lasix to get rid of the retained fluid. But he was able to eat today! Which he is really happy about. I don’t know if the food was good or if it was just good to have some food.

We still do not know what cause this and we may never find out. But if all continues to go well he should be home before Sunday.

~~~~~T.B Fashion Line.

Before the end of the friday I should be back in my sewing studio finishing some UFO before starting anything new. I will have to make a schedule so I have set day to work on my little desigers clothing line. This weekend we get started.

~~~~~~~I never got the house cleaner.

Tonight I clean everything myself bummer.

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