Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trip to see Terri Graduate.

Everything is in place. I will be meeting the little designers at the hair salon. I will be leaving work at 3:00 so we should be arriving at D. Renees about the same time.

I have to decide what clothes I will be wearing. The little designers are always happy to tell me how horrible my outfits looks. I usually wear what i want but it is very interesting to hear their critical viewpoint.

I will be getting a Visa gift card with the little designers money on it as well as all important medical information.

Friday before we leave I will be making some food for the road as well as some snacks. They have the dvd they will be watching as we motor down the road.

I will have my Avon books adversting my online store for purchasing. I have to remember to include the coupon code for free shipping RPSFR. I have other codes but this is coded does not have a miminum purchasing amount to get it. you can order some .99 hand lotion and have it direct delivered with that code.

My determination to get to KY for Terri's graduation is evident so that when Todd mention that he would not be able to go because the car needed hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. I just made other arrangements. So now the car is road worthy. He changed the oil and checked the breaks and decided that we needed new tires. I told him to rotate the tires and we will hit the road.

If the car breaksdown we will leave him to fix it.

I will not miss the graduation.

I am so ready to leave here you have no idea.

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