Monday, May 19, 2008

vocabulary parade

While in KY the little designers told me about the vocabulary parade. They wanted me to help make their costumes.

The vocabulary parade is where the kids dress up as words and then take part in a parade around the school.

Tay wanted to be a POP STAR and Tai wanted to be fashion designer.

They brought over some old clothes and we use them to make their costumes. They were super excited.

Tai designed a big bag. She was allowed to go into my stash of fabric and find the pieces she wanted to use. We cut it out and she sat in the chair with me as if she was actually using the sewing machine. The big bag was kinda cute she put 2 fabrics together that I would not have chosen.

I then gave her an old shirt of mine and she wrote fashion designer and the definition of it on the shirt her mother traced what was written in puffy paint.

Tay made her turtelneck into a boat neck shirt. She then painted the front with gold paint in the form of a oval starburst and pop star was written in puffy paint.
It was also decorated with some gem stones and stamps were used to put the definitiion of Pop Star on the back of the shirt.

That morning they had everything they need and were ready for the parade. Their mom took some pictures while enjoying the parade with her cell phone but they were not really that clear.

It turns out that it was a contest and Tay won for her grade and class. She recieved a book and a coupon for something.


Anonymous said...

is their grammer better than yours?

Familyof2 said...

Did she happen to work on my suit at all :)

Anon--Bite me you dumb ass.