Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby

I have forgotten about the Kentucky Derby. I wish I had remember I would have love to go just to watch the people. I had visions of the scene from my fair lady in my head which were only confirmed by the newcasters method of dress saturday morning. Both in the newsroom and in the field reporting, the female reporters were adorned in beautiful hats that matched suits to a T. If they would have been on project runway the critics would say " D T M" Dye to Match.

One news reporter, who was doing on the spot interviews, had on black and white. The hat was ornate but not overly ornate. Not even close to Eliza Dolittle designer hat and dress. The in the booth new reporter had on fushia hat with giant ribbons loops on the top of it. Looked a lot like something you would see on a lady in her sunday best on her way to a baptist church! She displayed her High heel shoes that matched the color of the hat and suit exactly then she showed some flat sandels that were DTM. She laughed as he explained how you must be prepared for everything and tired and hurting feet was no reason the compromise the look of the outfit.

After a while the rest of the family was awake and after getting the girls dress we went to the WAFFLE HOUSE for breakfast. I loved it. My little designers decided that it was no McDonalds and barely ate their food. Tai talked Felicia's ears off and insisted that she ride with her. Tay , her sister, was glad for the break from her sister and sat quietly in the car as we follow Felicia. She showed us the local kingdom hall, which was 15 minutes from the Waffle House, The mall which was 10 minutes from her apartment and Finally back to Terri's apartment which was 2 minutes
from Felicia apartment. Once we finally met up with Terri, my little designers dumped me and Todd like a box of broken crayons and stuck with her.

The menfolk went to Winchester to handle some men busines and we went to the mall. The area of town was call Hamburg, an outlet mall (kinda like grove city ). First stop Talbots outlet store. I found 3 pair of dress pants which fit so well that I must go to the Talbots back home on a regular. Terri found 2 dress one white sundress and one blue sundress. She loved them. During our shopping I finally located a place for us to have lunch/dinner after the graduation. We also bought all the food and a few decorations for the event. Felicia and I met up with our husbands and had lunch at the Cracker Barrell and the rest of the family continued shopping and then went to lunch.

The weather is beautiful. Everyone here,very nice and hospitible. Even the little designers are not any trouble. Which is quite impressive as this is their first over the weekend out of town trip without parents. Of course the Are We There Yet's were a little annoying but the dvd player came to the rescue! Thanks modern technology.

Its time for me to get it together so we can be on time for the whole purpose of this trip. The graduation is taking place in the Rupp Arena. We will be leaving by 10:00 so we can get seated. I hope to get a camera otherwise I am stuck the the cell phone camera and the picture on that are not so great.

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