Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The trip to KY was fun. I had the little designers with me and they kept busy by coloring pages and attempting to watch DVD which is nearly impossible since the sun was high in the sky. Just listening to the movie must have been boring because they often fell asleep. Todd had no problem sleeping during the 3 hours I drove.

Terri is doing well. She has surrounded herself with friends that have her best interest at heart and help keep her well grounded. Her one bedroom place is wonderful and I would love to live like that if I were not married. The living room has a fireplace with sliding glass doors the lead to the balcony. Her dining room is just off from the kitchen which has hook up for a fullsize washer and dryer. Her bedroom is a nice size and the bathroom is also nice space. In her bedroom she was this wonderful walk in closet with shelving on each side with an place in the rear to hand her clothes.

She did not have a dress for the graduation day so Saturday we went to the outlet mall and she found a couple of beautiful dress. The one she really loved was a white sundress with openwork around the him of it.

She said it made her feel Jackie O. Which is a good way to feel.

Felicia thought of Corinne bailey Rae

Once i get the pictures on the computer you can compare yourself.

We did not get to go horseback riding so I guess that will be for another occasion. The little designers brought back candy with kentucy written on them for their friends at school. Also these little lady when they want to go out to eat they want Red Lobster or Applebees not Mcdonalds or Wendys. They will eat Mcdonald or Wendys but why when they could go someplace better. Never mind that they order the samething at applebees that they could get at a fast food resturant.

We arrived home on Monday early around 4:30 in the afternoon. To tired to do much more than pull stuff out of the suitcase and then comming to the realization that their is no food in the house we went shopping for food. Then I was two tired to do anything more. Thankfully Short Person had cooked some chicken wings I truly appreciated that. She is a wonderful little person.

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