Thursday, May 15, 2008


Rob is the Administrator of ENT both adults and childrens. He is the one Sharon answered to when something when wrong. Sharon has moved on to greener pastures so some of the stuff she would handle he has to handle himself.

As you are aware I fail the secret shopper test and so I guess he needed to have a one on one meeting with me to discuss this. This meeting was set for 1:15 this afternoon. It is now 4:52 and he has not yet arrived to have this meeting. I guess that I will not be having this meeting at all. That does not bother me as much as no one has bother to tell me what is going on.

Jennifer his secretary call me on monday to say that Rob wanted an one on one meeting with me. She decided the day and time. OK, but she did not tell me what the meeting was about, she left that up to my imagination.

Today I got up and got ready to begin this day of work and this stupid meeting was on my mind. What is it about? Secret Shopper, a tax notice that I recently received, did I do something great, or did some patient complain about me. WHAT!

So now that this meeting did not happen and what I am to think. Was it really necessary and if not when where they going to let me know that!

I walked by Debbi desk this afternoon around 3:30 and was asked if I had talked to Rob. " Nope his secretary call to tell Marsha that he was going to be late but other than that I have not seen or heard from him." 10 minutes later the supervisor called me " How did the meeting with Rob go?" " Never had it he did not show." " Oh, well let me know if he comes." WHAT THE? So and I to understand that Debbi the secretary of Dr C and Dr C and the supervisor knows what the meeting is about and still no one bothers to tell me what it was about?

The fact that the meeting did not happen is so par for the course around here! The fact that no one consider it necessary to let me know if this meeting is going to be rescheduled or what?


I hate this place!

I am holding the target just miss and shoot me!

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