Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday

Amazingly enough Friday has arrived. That should bring some sense of relief survived another work week. But surviving a work week is nothing compared to dealing with what life is throwing at us daily.

2 of 3 's husband is doing well and he should be home soon. I remember when Todd came home from the hospital. I watched him like a hawk. Where are you going? How are you feeling? Why did you sign like that? Do you have any pain? Did you take your Meds? Are you suppose to be eating, drinking, doing that? But I loved having him home so I could hold on to him and sleep in comfort knowing he is there. I think it will be the same way for my friend.

I have emphasized that since 2 of 3's husband was in good health that is a major reason he was able to survive this health hazard. He lost a lot of blood. A bleed ulcer well actually 2 bleeding ulcers side by side!

They have been through so much. We have been concentrating on her family of two becoming a family of three! I have and will continue praying that all continues to go well.

It's Friday so we approach the weekend carefully and pray for a good weekend for all.

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